Katie Lamie-Yoga Instructor.

Katie began practicing yoga during her time studying at Boston College and has been an avid student for ten years. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Yoga Studio in Millis in 2012. Katie’s passion is bringing yoga and empowerment to teens and tweens. She infuses her classes with creativity, fun and laughter and also holds certifications in aromatherapy, holistic health counseling and Reiki.

Yoga has helped Katie create stronger roots in her life and learn to slow down and turn inward to hit the reset button.  Katie currently teaches a weekly tween class at Roots to Wings in Newbury as well as traveling workshops at various studios on the north shore..

Spreading Sunshine Everywhere We Go!! 

Laura  Loewy

Yoga Instructor

Laura found yoga while living next to the Teton National Park, of Wyoming in 2012. There she fostered a deep meditation and solo yoga practice that took her into the mountains, rivers, ad valleys of the wilderness. Upon finishing her 200 hour yoga teacher she was determined to bring her connection with the outdoors to her yoga practice inside. Laura combines her awareness of the natural world with a strong and invigorating vinyasa power flow. She focuses on breath, body awareness, and surrendering to the sensations that make you feel alive.



Amber is a compassionate creative who lives life with purpose and dedication.  Teaching yoga to children began after her daughter was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  This forced her to cultivate a meaningful life for her family that included yoga, mindfulness and lots of breathing.  Each class is prepared to encourage a playful mind-body connection which encourages her students to take yoga wherever they wander.  
Passionate about culture, cooking, and family, Amber has volunteered in Vietnam with the Catalyst Foundation and in Africa with her husband, Craig and daughter, Juliette. 


Founder, Owner & Instructor

Sharon founded Here Comes the SunYoga as a way to share her love of yoga with as many children as possible.  Working with schools, studios, teachers, physicians, social workers, psychologists and more.  She also donates her time to local charities to create awareness thru events, fundraisers and wellness fairs

Mission: To Spread Sunshine Everywhere I Go!

My goal is not only to develop my personal yoga practice but I have a strong desire to educate others on the benefits of yoga-especially children and that is why I also became certified by Child Light Yoga to educate children and parents of the many benefits! 

Youth Yoga encourages teamwork, teaches respect, creates a healthy attitude, builds confidence and makes kids aware of  a sense of community.

Sharon is also the author of "The Boy with the Pink Socks" and "What's In Your Pot?" a children's yoga book for kids and by kids!