How to Begin....

All you need is a yoga mat and the right class for you age us for more details @

why yoga for Children??

Here Comes the Sun Yoga believes that if we educate our youth on the most basic yoga philosophies, that include peace, love & kindness towards oneself & others, we can begin to make our world a little bit better-one child at a time.


Here Comes The Sun Yoga, is offering this one-day course for teachers, administrators, camp counselors, parents, child psychologists, librarians, or any professionals who work with children and want to introduce yoga, mindfulness and meditation into their classrooms, careers and lives. 

 Course Content includes:

--Basics of Yoga

--Benefits of Yoga

--Yoga Poses designed for kids

--Games, activities, arts & crafts

--Class Structure and Etiquette

--Ethics of Yoga

--How to Locate Your Yoga Experience

-Get Your Yoga Business Running

--Special Classes for groups such as Daisy, Brownie and Girl Scout Troops, Birthday Parties, Sports Teams. School Events.

Spreading Sunshine Everywhere We Go!! 


Each session includes yoga, mindfulness & meditation and lesson planning that allows participants to take  away ideas on how to bring yoga off the mat and into their lives.